Author: Airiau, J-P.
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PARC : An Automated Laser Setup System for the Laser MegaJoule Facility  
  • J-P. Airiau, S. Vermersch
    CEA, LE BARP cedex, France
  The LMJ* is a 176 beams laser facility, located at the CEA** CESTA laboratory near Bordeaux. It is designed to deliver 1.4 MJ of energy to the target, for high density physics experiment, including fusion experiments. PARC determines the characteristics of the injection laser system, provides parameters checking for equipment protection, calculates the required diagnostic setup, and supplies post-shot data analysis and reporting. The CEA has developed a generic platform including a client/server software using the computational power of a cluster and a smart interface with the Control Command System (CCS). The software compiles and generates runnable sequences composed of heterogeneous simulation modules. PARC uses the configuration data from CCS to parametrize simulation models, executes prediction computation, returns each beam laser setup to CCS and compares simulation and measured data. It finally recalibrates the prediction models like a standard feedback system. This paper firstly describes PARC architecture and the communication protocol with the CCS. Secondly, an execution sequence from the generation process to the execution on the cluster is outlined.
*LMJ: Laser MegaJoule**CEA: French Atomic Energy Commission