Author: Cheblakov, P.B.
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WEPGF093 CXv4, a Modular Control System 1
  • D. Bolkhovityanov, P.B. Cheblakov, F.A. Emanov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  CX control system is used at VEPP-5 and several other BINP facilities. CX version 4 is designed to provide more flexibility and enable interoperability with other control systems. In addition to device drivers, most of its components are implemented in a modular fashion, including data access at both client and server sides. The server itself is a library. This approach allows clients to access several different control systems simultaneously and natively (without any gateways). CXv4 servers are able to provide data access to clients from diverse CS architectures/protocols, subject to appropriate network module being loaded. The server library, coupled with "null link" client-server access module, allows to create standalone monolythic programs for specific small applications (such as test benches and device test screens/utilities) using the same ready code from large-scale control system but without its complexity. CXv4 design principles and solutions are discussed and first deployment results are presented.  
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WEPGF095 Application of PyCDB for K-500 Beam Transfer Line 1
  • P.B. Cheblakov, S.E. Karnaev, O.A. Khudayberdieva
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  Funding: This work has been supported by Russian Science Foundation (project N 14-50-00080).
The new injection complex for VEPP-4 and VEPP-2000 e-p colliders is under construction at Budker Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia. The double-direction bipolar transfer line K-500 of 130 and 220 meters length respectively will provide the beam transportation from the injection complex to the colliders with a frequency of 1 Hz. The designed number of particles in the transferred beam is 2*1010 of electrons or positrons, the energy is 500 MeV. K-500 has dozens of types of magnets, power supplies and electronic devices. It is rather complicated task to store and manage information about such a number of types and instances of entities, especially to handle relations between them. This knowledge is critical for configuration of all aspects of control system. Therefore we have chosen PyCDB to handle this information and automate configuration data extraction for different purposes starting with reports and diagrams and ending with high-level applications and EPICS IOCs' configuration. This paper considers concepts of this approach and shows the PyCDB database sctructure designed for K-500 transfer line. An automatic configuration of IOCs is described as integration with EPICS.
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VEPP-5 Injection Complex Infrastructure Upgrade  
  • F.A. Emanov, D. Bolkhovityanov, P.B. Cheblakov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  VEPP-5 injection complex is a source of electrons and positrons for BINP colliders. At present time Injection complex is being prepared to work for VEPP-4 and VEPP-2000 colliders. Successful work with colliders requires a robust, failsafe control system infrastructure, providing solutions for VEPP-5 internal tasks and required communication with beam users. Such architecture was designed, which comprises a separate network with infrastructure servers, control hardware servers, data storage, control room and a number of remote terminals. Dedicated connections are used to communicate with beam users. Required reliability is provided via redundancy of key components.  
Complete Control System Software Solution Based on CX and PyCDB  
  • F.A. Emanov, D. Bolkhovityanov, P.B. Cheblakov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
  CX is a general-purpose control system software based on a 3-layer model. It is used to control several BINP accelerator facilities. Most facilities' high-level control tasks consist of GUI applications and data processing or control logic implementation. These parts of control activity were implemented as services and GUI applications which use CX software channels for inter-program communications. Services with software-channels CX-server are compose middleware which extends 3-layer model. PyCDB is a configuration database used to configure control system software. In order to make applications development more straightforward Python bindings for CX client libraries were created and PyCDB applied to configure unified GUI applications for CX. Architectural approach and implementation of software set is discussed.