Author: Emery, R.C.
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Automated Steering System for 50.5 MeV Proton Beam in Neutron Treatment Facility  
  • R.C. Emery
    University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, USA
  The University of Washington Clinical Cyclotron (UWCC) is a Scanditronix MC-50 compact cyclotron installed in 1983 that has been in continual use for the last 32 years. Its primary purpose is to produce a neutron beam (p(50.5 MeV)+Be) for fast neutron therapy. An automated system is required to maintain the proton beam centered and evenly distributed on the Be target located in the rotating gantry head. The upgrade of this system followed the general design philosophy of using open source software, open/industry standard communication protocols, and readily available/off the shelf hardware. The new system was developed using the EPICS control toolkit running on Debian Linux PCs. Ethernet is used as the fieldbus, Acromag devices running Modbus/Ethernet protocol for analog input, and Kikusui PBZ bipolar power supplies with built in function generators running vxi-11/Ethernet protocol to drive the magnet coils. The new beam steering system has been successfully integrated into the accelerator control system and is fully operational.  
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