Author: Feng, R.
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Data Management and Visualization with Acquaman  
  • D. Hunter, D.K. Chevrier, R. Feng, I. Workman
    CLS, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  The Acquaman framework, developed at the Canadian Light Source, provides high-level user interfaces and experiment control with a scientific focus. Currently, it is the primary interface on the SGM, VESPERS and IDEAS beamlines and is the interface for the REIXS XES and SXRMB microprobe endstations. Synchrotron scientists collect large amounts of data which can become untenable - particularly for repeat users. There are many tools that the Acquaman user interfaces offer in terms of data management, visualization, and accessibility. This poster will show how these various systems work together to visualize data at run time, organize collected data after the fact, inspect previous scan configurations, and export data into relevant output formats. A focal point will be demonstrating how the system visualizes data in the same manner as it was collected enabling previous scans to be rerun or new scans to be configured.