Author: Glover, C.
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A Model-Based Approach to Motion Control Design at the Australian Synchrotron  
  • N. Afshar
    ASCo, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
  • C. Glover, P. Kappen, P. Martin, E.L. Shepherd
    SLSA, Clayton, Australia
  • M. Stephenson
    ANSTO, Menai, New South Wales, Australia
  The sophistication and flexibility of versatile motion controllers often implies complex and potentially difficult configuration and tuning processes. This demands highly specialised engineering and system management efforts to meet performance requirements and process maintainability. To address these challenges, a model-based approach is used to provide a framework for generalising and formulating motion control systems which classifies applications and suggests optimum motor configuration and tuning based on design inputs and specifications. The framework also includes a dynamic Simulink® model which models the GeoBrick® and the PMAC configuration, stepper/servo motors, mechanical stages, encoders and cabling. This model is used for tuning and validating configurations with modeled motors, load conditions, encoders, etc. at design time prior to purchases. The model and framework developed has been applied successfully to more than 110 motion axes at different beamlines to design or upgrade motion controllers resulting in highly improved reliability and performance. Configuration management, deployment and commissioning processes are significantly improved at the same time.  
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