Author: Gobbo, A.
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PShell: The New PSI Experiment Scripting Environment  
  • A. Gobbo
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • S.G. Ebner
    PSI, Villigen, Villigen, Switzerland
  In order to promote competitive advantage for the emerging SwissFEL and existing SLS beamlines, PSI is developing and adopting a modern experiment scripting platform referred to as PShell. This new development, based on the Java platform and Java scripting API, aims to create a tool simple, flexible and accessible. PShell features easy deployment: multi-platform, single-jar installation of a customizable GUI workbench. Experiment logic is expressed in scripts featuring an automatic versioning and publishing system in order to foster collaboration. Many architectural solutions are attainable as the PShell core engine can also be embedded into other applications, or else be executed in client-server or distributed modes. This architectural freedom allows alternative GUI client technologies, but standardizes the experiment logic layer and data file formats (HDF5) across the facilities. PShell enables web and mobile interfaces to beamline services through REST interfaces, encouraging the development of web applications to the final users by providing a customizable application template and component library.  
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