Author: Holm Rod, T.
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Developing the Neutron Event Data Infrastructure for a Greenfield Site  
  • T.S. Richter, M.E. Hagen, T. Holm Rod, J.W. Taylor
    ESS, Copenhagen, Denmark
  The European Spallation Source (ESS) a neutron facility that is being build on a greenfield site with no existing host organisation but with contributions from 17 partner nations. Within it the Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC) is responsible for delivering an integrated package for a scientific control interface for data acquisition, the data readout, processing, visualisation, analysis and data management. ESS will generate data almost exclusively in event mode, recording every neutron detection individually with spatial and time coordinates. This offers the most flexibility for later processing, but requires an extensive infrastructure to meet the goals of online visualisation. In this paper an overview of what can be solved with existing technology and where new developments are needed, will be presented. The data readout, streaming and file writing aspects will be highlighted specifically.