Author: Liu, C.
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Design of the Personnel Radiation Safety Interlock System for High Intensity D-T Fusion Neutron Generator  
  • L.W. Wang, C. Liu, Y. Song, J.Y. Wang
    INEST, Hefei, People's Republic of China
  • W.T. Wang
    USTC, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Science Grant(No.XDA03040000)and ITER 973 Program(No.2014GB112001)
High intensity D-T fusion neutron generator (HINEG), which is designed to be operated in continuous and pulsed modes, provides a significant experimental platform for nuclear numerous researches. In this paper, the personnel radiation safety interlock system for HINEG operators is designed to prevent the radiation hazard and to assist in ensuring the safety of the HINEG operation. The safety interlock system monitors all the safety devices and controls licensed signals of each subsystem in accordance with safety interlock of HINEG constraints. Safety PLC is used as a central controller, which uses time redundancy and difference comparison rather than structure redundancy. A high-speed redundancy optical fiber ring network configured with 2 industrial switches is developed, which is able to accomplish network reconfiguration within a few milliseconds once a communication failure occurs. A friendly interactive operation interface has also been developed for operators to manage the devices intuitively. The interface runs on an Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) and communicates with Safety PLC through Process Field (PROFI) safe protocol.
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